A Milestone for the Cacao Industry

Cacao farming has long been existent in the country. However, over the years, only a few have seen its potential. Thanks to those who believed that the cacao industry can provide farmers a sustainable livelihood and income source. Thanks to those who are committed to extending support to cacao farmers to improve quality and production and to contributing to the growth of the industry. Thanks to those who never stop working hard to see the fruits of their labor.

Recently, a milestone to be considered for the cacao industry and the farmers, Agriculture Secretary William Dar has recognized the potential of Davao City to pave the way for a more sustainable cacao farming. He officially announced that Davao City is now the Cacao Capital of the Philippines. This decision was made after the department has recorded and seen the consistent production of quality cacao beans in the region.

Being one of the important agricultural commodities in the country, the Department of Agriculture (DA) commits to helping, promoting, and supporting the cacao industry to have a more consistent and improved production.

Rooting for the support of the DA, cacao stakeholders are now on their better days.