Seller Policy

How to Start Selling on

Be our MS3 Products Reseller Partner!

  1. To be an official reseller, first, you must read and agree with our Seller Policies. Once you’re decided and ready for a new venture, register online through this link: Register as Seller
  2. All products are open for reselling. You are permitted to use our product photos posted on our online platform and social media accounts after we confirm your registration.
  3. There is a minimum order quantity required for the reseller. Each one who has the interest of being a Farm Ridge’s seller should have a minimum purchase of P5,000.00 worth of different MS3 products exclusively distributed by Farm Ridge. For the first reseller transaction, the products should be paid in cash. For the succeeding transactions, our team will be evaluating the reseller’s performance and decide on the percentage to which the latter should be paying every time a purchase should be done. Note: The price list for resellers is final and fixed. The discount amount will depend on the quantity and bulk order purchase of our products.
  4. All prices must be the same or above the retail price listed on Farm Ridge Product Listing. Selling them lower than our prices is strictly prohibited.
  5. Reserved products are considered SOLD.
  6. Rules, terms, and prices of our products are subject to change without prior notice.
  7. The reseller shall inspect products upon receipt and during storage for damage. Also, the reseller shall inspect inventory regularly for expired or soon-to-be expired products and shall remove those products from inventory. The reseller shall not sell expired products.
  8. The reseller shall sell products in their original packaging. Relabeling, repackaging, and other alterations to the products or their packaging are prohibited.
  9. The Seller can also sell their own products thru subject to terms and conditions apply. For COD products of the Seller, no fees will be collected or deducted and you can post and process your own product for free.